Road Safety and TravelSmart Working Group

Promoting TravelSmart activities, alternative travel modes, and encouraging and safer use of our roads.

The City of Melville is pleased to announce the formation of a TravelSmart/Road Safety Working Group.

The working group aims to promote TravelSmart activities, active travel modes, reduce the number and severity of road crashes in the City, and to encourage and promote safer use of our roads. To do this, the group will plan community activities and actively participate, in order to promote and embed their TravelSmart recommendations.

The group is made up of six community members, two Councillors and three City of Melville employees.



“I am a local resident and I have three teenage sons. Keeping them safe on the road is my number one priority.”

“I am passionate about helping our suburb be more sustainable and even more special.”

“I care about improving the level of safety of all our road users as well as improving our urban amenity by improving and facilitating better transport in all its forms. I would like to bring some of my expertise to assist in improving my local community.”