Bus Shelters

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) relies heavily on the community to report damage to Transperth bus stops. This includes damage to the bus stop shelter, torn timetables, graffiti, or a sign damaged and in an unsafe condition.

You can report such issues by contacting the Transperth Infoline on 13 62 13 or online at Transperth.

Types of Bus Shelters

There are two main types of bus shelters and each of these is maintained by different organisations.

Shelters with Advertising on them.

A company called Adshel maintains these bus shelters and replaces them if damaged, you can contact them on (08) 9213 5600.

Shelters with no Advertising.

The council employs a contractor who maintains and repairs bus shelters that do not have advertising on them. We rely on you to report hazards such as broken glass, damaged panels etc so that we can clean the area and make it safe.

If you notice a bus shelter that contains asbestos and report it to us, we will either remove, replace or repair it.

Please contact customer service on 1300 635 845 to report damage to a bus shelter.

See the Adopt-a-Stop arts programme.