Rates Appeals or Disputes

Information on how to appeal your rates notice

How to Dispute the Gross Rental Value

If you wish to object to the Gross Rental Value for your property, please contact the Valuer Generals Office on:
Phone: (08) 9273 7373
Web: Valuer Generals Office (Landgate)

  • Objections must be lodged within 60 days of the rate notice being issued
  • This process is only for objections to the Gross Rental Value allocated to a property, not the rate in the dollar

Please note:
The City of Melville is not authorised to alter property valuations except on the advice of the Valuer Generals Office.

How to Have Your Say Regarding the 'Rate in the Dollar'

Each year the City of Melville prepares a budget to cover expected expenses.

In May each year, a notice is placed in the paper stating and seeking comment on the proposed 'Rate in the Dollar'.

This notice contains a cut off date for feedback, and it is during this time that you are requested to have your say regarding the City's budget and the associated rates required to pay for those services.

Once the 'Budget' and 'Rate in the Dollar' has been accepted by council then it will not be adjusted for that financial year.