Skin Penetration and Hairdressing

Environmental health officers are visiting hairdressing and skin penetration businesses to ensure they are clean and well maintained

Skin Penetration and Hairdressing

Our environmental health officers are now carrying out visits to businesses that offer hairdressing and beauty treatment.


We would encourage hairdressing businesses to register their business with the City. An application form can be found on the right of this page.

Visits are now being made to ensure that businesses comply with the Hairdressing Establishments Regulations 1972.

Skin Penetration Premises

If your business involves any of the following treatments you will be required to register your business with us;

Acupuncture, Body or Ear piercing, Electrolysis,Tattooing or Wax treatments.

Registration forms can be found on the right of this page.

We are now carrying out inspections to ensure these businesses comply with the Health (Skin Penetration Procedure) Regulations 1998.

Legislative Review by Department of Health

The Department of Health WA are currently reviewing legislative controls on Skin Penetration and Hairdressing premises.

 You can find the discussion paper and the proposed guidelines at the links below:

 "Proposed drafting of the Health (Body art and personal appearances) Regulations Discussion Paper 2013"

 “Body Art and Personal Appearances Guideline”. .