Roosters, geese, peacocks and turkeys can be kept on your property with written approval from the Manager of Health Services.

Poultry / Chickens can be kept according to the criteria below:

  • No more than 12 poultry on your property at one time.
  • They must be kept in a properly constructed enclosure.
    • Enclosure:
      • to be at least 1.2m from the property boundary, and
      • 9m from any place of human habitation.
      • must be maintained and clean so it doesn't create offensive odours, or encourage the breeding of flies.

If an Environmental Health Officer deems a nuisance exists, they may instruct that the number of poultry be reduced, or for all poultry to be removed.

If you have any queries regarding poultry, or wish to report a nuisance, please contact customer service on 1300 635 845 or

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