Sewage and Wastewater Disposal

The City's Health Department is responsible for the approval and subsequent inspection of on-site sewage and effluent disposal systems.

Sewerage Treatment

Most properties within the City of Melville are on the sewer network. Anyone wanting to install an onsite treatment system, such as a septic tank or aerobic treatment units (ATUs), will need to submit an application to the City of Melville for approval.

Visit the WA Department of Health website for information on greywater re-use and information required to make an application.


Waste Water/ Greywater Reuse

A greywater system can help you save water by irrigating your garden with water from the bath, shower, washing machine, and laundry trough. Some systems are also approved to use water from kitchen sink.

To install a greywater system in your home you will need approval from the City of Melville.

Further information on the type of grey water reuse systems that can be installed is available on the Department of Health website

Application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Health website

Visit the WA Department of Health website for information on rainwater and septic tanks.


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