Air Quality

The City of Melville's Health Local Laws prohibit the release of smoke, dust or odours which cause a nuisance.

Environmental pollutants such as dust and smoke can cause significant health issues including asthma and other respiratory problems. 


Excessive smoke from wood-heaters results can cause respiratory problems.
The following can help minimise smoke and reduce the maintenance and running costs of your wood-heater:
  • Burn dry, seasoned, untreated firewood 
  • Stack wood under cover in a dry, ventilated area 
  • Use small logs 
  • Burn the fire brightly, even if burning overnight

More information on smoke from wood-heaters can be found here.

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Some methods of dust control include (but are not limited to):

  • Applying water or a binding agent to those areas/activities that are likely to produce dust (be aware of Water Corporation water restrictions).
  • Ensure adequate water availability: Contact the Water Corporation Technical Services Division on 131395 for further details.
  • Ensure stockpiles and finished ground are stabilised.
  • Erection of temporary screening (minimum two metres in height with porosity of around 50 per cent) in the direction of prevailing winds.
  • Ensure trucks entering and leaving the site are covered and that any spillage onto the ground surface and roads is promptly cleaned up.

More information on air quality can be found on the Department of Environment Regulation website here.

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