Current Works

Find out about the current works across the City of Melville, including road works, civil construction and verge infrastructure. For general enquiries, please call 1300 635 845. For enquiries relating to specific projects, please contact the relevant officer below.

Works/Projects due for commencement and being actioned by Technical Services

Civil Construction

Responsible Officer: Civil Construction Supervisor, Michael Powell 9364 0728

Ardross Street / Bombard Street, Ardross

Awaiting final landscaping.


Marmion Street / Adrian Street, Palmyra

Speed plateau installation completed.

Line marking completed.


First Street / Foss Street / Preston Point Road, Bicton

Speed plateau installation completed.

Awaiting line marking by MRWA.


North Lake Road / Kitchener Road, Alfred Cove

Works to install speed cushions on both the Kitchener Road legs entering the roundabout commenced 26 April. Concrete and kerb upgrades are now completed. Nightworks resurfacing are scheduled for 17 and 18 of May.


Dunkley Avenue, Applecross – Road Improvement Works

Road improvement works commenced 10 May 2017 along Dunkley Avenue, Applecross with the initial phase of works being from No 33 Dunkley Avenue to Cantray Avenue. Phase 2 will see improvement works carried through to Cunningham Street. The works will involve the construction of new parking embayments, partial reconstruction of the road pavement to improve stormwater runoff, renewal of the kerbs, footpath and general road and drainage infrastructure.  The works are expected to take up to 10 weeks to complete.


Road Resurfacing

Responsible Officer: Road Resurfacing Program Supervisor, Rusty Hampton 9364 0732


Road Maintenance Program

2016/2017 Program - Works commenced 12 September 2016

Marmion Street (Davy Street to Norma Road), Booragoon   

Awaiting faux pave, raise 2 x drainage lids.


Olding Street (Sergeant Street, Potts Street), Melville

Awaiting faux pave.


Ince Street, Dandenong Street, Attadale

Awaiting tactiles.


Canning Highway Service Road, Melville

Asphalt scheduled for 29 May.


Stock Road, Attadale

Asphalt scheduled for 30 May to 1 June.


Honour Avenue, Bicton

Works commenced 10 May.


New Works


Elvira Street, Palmyra

Scheduled to commence 24 May.


Sweeping Program

Currently sweeping roads in Bull Creek and Ardross.


Crack Sealing

Responsible Officer:   Works Coordinator, Paul Glennon 9364 0615


2016/17 Crack Sealing Program


Bus Shelter Upgrades

2016/2017 program Bus Shelter Upgrade Program

Reponsible Officer:  Works Coordinator, Paul Glennon 9364 0615


New Bus Shelters

Bus stop 10303 - Canning Highway before Prinsep Road, Attadale

Concrete works completed. Bus shelter to be installed early May.

Bus stop 19712 - Jackson Avenue after Whitfeld Terrace, Winthrop

Works pending approval. Scheduled for completion by the end of May.

Bus stop 10938 - Winterfold Road before Doherty Road, Kardinya

Works completed. Awaiting tactiles.

Bus stop 19963 - Dean Road after Parry Avenue, Bateman

Concrete works completed. Bus shelter to be installed before the end of April.

Bus stop 19965 - Dean Road after Parry Avenue, Bateman

Concrete works completed. Bus shelter to be installed before the end of April.


Verge Infrastructure

Reponsible Officer:  Works Coordinator, Paul Glennon 9364 0615


Footpath - 2016/2017 Program

Responsible Officer: Verge Infrastructure Supervisor, Bryce Hunt 9364 0682


New Works


Blain Court, Leeming

Path replacement and new pedestrian crossing for Karel Avenue.

Works scheduled to commence late May.


Ardessie Street, Ardross

Footpath adjacent to tennis courts linking Leverburgh Street to existing footpath.

Works scheduled to commence 19 May.


Canning Highway, Reynolds Road to Glenelg Road, Applecross

Upgrade of footpath.

Awaiting MRWA approval which will dictate when works will commence.



Responsible Officer: Verge Infrastructure Supervisor, Bryce Hunt 9364 0682

Melville sign Upgrade:  

  • 78% complete.


Civil Assets Maintenance

Responsible Officer: Civil Assets Maintenance Supervisor, Brad Prideaux 9364 0734.


2016/17 Program:

Works scheduled for Mt Pleasant and Brentwood.


Storm Water Educting

Responsible Officer: Civil Assets Maintenance Supervisor, Brad Prideaux 9364 0734.

Storm Water Educting Works

Works scheduled for Ardross and Booragoon.



Waste (Bulk Verge Collection)

Green Waste Collection

To view the scheduled collection dates for green waste or junk & white goods within the City, please click here for dates and more information.


Parks & Environment


Blue Gum Community Centre entrance upgrade

The Blue Gum Community Centre’s Entrance is being upgraded from Monday May 29 throughout June and July 2017. While works are underway, please use only the designated rear entrance and follow the signage on site. Extra lighting has been added. For more information refer to the Centre on the City’s website or contact Centre staff on 9364 0148.

Renewal of Playgrounds

Within the next few months we will be renewing several playgrounds around the City. These include

  • Hill Park (TBC) being replaced  with a similar type unit.
  • Ted Nesham Park (TBC) the unit and swing are being removed and replaced with a basket swing only.
  • Fredrick Baldwin Southern Space (early May) removal of existing units and the creation of a more natural playspace.
  • Bainton Park (6-7th April) being removed totally and not replaced. Planting will be carried out in this park in May/June.
  • Frank Cann Park (near Wood Street) being replaced with a similar type unit.
  • Dick Piercy Park being replaced with a similar type unit.
  • Olding Park being replaced with a similar type unit.
  • Bert Jeffery Park being replaced with a similar type unit and relocated slightly back towards the existing trees.
  • Ormond Bowyer Park being replaced with a similar type unit.


First Grass Reduction Project at Booragoon Lake

Environmental Services, in conjunction with the Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum Lakes, are planning to remove a short section of grassed area between the existing footpath, and bushland vegetation edge in order to restore it back to native vegetation. The area of grass runs from the pumping stations opposite Shadbolt Street intersection, to opposite 58 Aldridge Road (see map below). Only the grass between the bushland and the footpath is being removed, the grass on the outside of the footpath to the road edge will be retained.

Removing grass to a hard edge, is a best practice technique of bushland management in order to reduce grass infestation and increase the vegetation buffer to our wetlands. It is hoped that this will improve water quality outcomes, and form part of a longer term grass reduction program along the edges of our high value Wetlands.

The grass will be chemically removed in March, with a possible follow-up treatment in June. The area will then be revegetated in winter (approximately June/July). 


Jeff Joseph Reserve Attadale Revegetation

The City has secured a further $19,000 grant from the Department of Parks and Wildlife to implement Stage 2 of the revegetation works at Jeff Joseph Reserve, Attadale.  Stage 1 saw the planting of over 11,000 sedges (grass-like plants) and shrubs on the foreshore by City staff, the Green Army and community volunteers.  Stage 2 will involve continued revegetation, weed control, track formalisation and maintenance of the site overall.

Unfortunately, some of the seedlings installed in Stage 1 have been recently vandalised with a number of established plants being removed. A media release has been drafted to encourage the community to take ownership of the site and report any future incidents. 


Brentwood Living Stream Project

The Brentwood Living Stream project is nearing completion with the perimeter fence being removed week ending 5 August and temporary fencing will remain around both drain head walls for safety reasons. Signage panels on the interpretative node are also being installed. Future works are as follows:

January 2017 - July 2017

  • Weed control (ongoing)
  • Planting riparian zone (summer)
  • Planting verge and infill dryland area (winter)










Wireless Hill Park - Featured in Australian Geographic

Wireless Hill Park was recently featured in Australian Geographic after the very rare flowering of the red beak orchid (Pyrorchis nigricans). The orchids usually only flower after fire events and they were observed flowering en masse after the recent small fire we had at Wireless Hill. The full article can be found here.


Please contact John Christie,  Director Technical Services, on 9364 0605 should you require further information.

Responsible Directorate: Technical Services.