Safer Melville Partnerships

The City’s Safer Melville Plan, how we work with police, the Safer Melville Advisory Committee, and the Safe Communities Framework.

Everyone has a role to play in making our community safer. We work in partnership with lots of stakeholders to achieve our shared vision of a Safer Melville.

Safer Melville Plan

Safe and secure is one of the aspirations identified in the City’s Strategic Community Plan – People, Places, Participation 2016 – 2026.  The  2017 - 2021 Safer Melville Plan is made up of seven goals with under pinning objectives and outlines how we will contribute to the Safe and Secure aspiration. View a summary verison of the 2017 - 2021 Safer Melville Plan.

Working with WA Police

We have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the WA Police to formalise our relationship with them. The MOU outlines both the City and WA Police commitment to work together and outlines key responsibilities surrounding collection and sharing of information, community education and other opportunities to create a Safer Melville.  WA Police are also represented at the SMAC, Neighbourhood Watch and Community Safety Service (CSS) team leader meetings.  We work in partnership with WA Police to provide the community with regular 'Safety Scoops' in the Melville Times.  These ‘Safety Scoops’ contain practical crime prevention advice and tips. You can view these Safety Scoops below.

The CSS works very closely with local police to address safety and crime prevention in the community. Whilst on patrol, CSS Officers contact the police immediately when they observe suspicious behaviour or activity; this information may assist police to prosecute offenders.  CSS Officers also meet with the Officers in Charge from the local stations on a weekly basis to gather hotspot information to target CSS patrols.

Safer Melville Advisory Committee (SMAC)

The SMAC is made up of representatives from various state government agencies, community based organisations, the local police stations and community and business groups. They work together to promote safety and injury reduction for people living, working and visiting the City of Melville by applying the Safe Communities framework.

Pan Pacific Safe Community Accreditation

The Safe Communities framework is an internationally recognised, evidence-based model for addressing community safety issues at the local level. City of Melville is the first community in WA to align to this framework and on the 19 February 2017 was the first community in WA to achieve accreditation as a Pan Pacific Safe Community.

The accreditation demonstrates we have acquired the capacity to take strategic and effective actions to prevent injury and to promote a culture of safety for everyone who lives in our community. Becoming a Safe Community also means we are committed to a network of communities around the world which, like us, have made a commitment to the safety and well-being of every one of their citizens.

The City of Melville is now also a member of the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network. This network of the International Safe Communities movement includes in excess of 121 Safe Communities in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

View the work that has been undertaken in the City of Melville to align to this framework in our accreditation application.

Find out more on the Australian Safe Communities Foundation Website and the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network website.