Car Safety

Useful car security tips to prevent your car getting stolen or broken into.

Theft from cars may only take a few seconds - a broken window, a quick grab, and the thieves have gone.

Car Security Tips:

  • Always lock up
  • Close windows and don’t leave keys in the ignition, even if you are only going to be a
    few minutes – theft only takes a few seconds
  • Never leave valuables in the car
  • Pay attention to where you park
  • Park off the street and in a well-lit area preferably in a car port or garage
  • Secure car keys when at home. Don’t leave them where they can be seen

Whether it's a mobile phone, gym bag, or a handful of loose coins, thieves will take it, and will cause costly damage to your car in the process. 

Don’t let criminals spoil your day, take valuables with you and lock up.  What gets left is an invitation for theft.