Residential Swimming Pools

Information about private/residential swimming pools and spas including - current standards and regulations, fence and barrier requirements, compliance.

As the owner of a swimming pool or spa, as well as obtaining a Building Licence for its installation and construction, it is also necessary to ensure that a barrier is erected around the pool. This barrier, or pool fence, is required in order to restrict access by young children to the pool, in the interests of their safety.

The WA Building Commission has produced a publication entitled “Rules for Swimming Pools and Spas”. This is a comprehensive document which includes relevant information for all swimming pool or spa owners.

Pre-May 2016 swimming and spa pools continue to require barriers which comply with the Regulations and Australian Standard AS 1926.1-1993 (incorporating Amendment No. 1 only) as the minimum standard for swimming and spa pool fencing (existing requirements – no change).

Post-May 2016 swimming and spa pools will be required to have barriers which comply with the Regulations and Building Code of Australia (BCA), which references Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012 and Australian Standard AS 1926.2-2007 (incorporating Amendment Nos 1 and 2).

Building Amendment Regulations (No.2) 2016 - Changes to Swimming Pool Barrier Laws



+  Swimming Pool Compliance Program

To ensure the ongoing suitability of pool fences, and in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and regulations, the City operates a Swimming Pool Compliance program. This program ensures that all swimming pool security/fencing is inspected at least once in every four year period. Where swimming pool or spa security/fencing is found to be deficient in terms of the regulations, and where the safety of young children is therefore compromised, the City will, in consultation with pool owners, seek to ensure that such deficient security/fencing is modified or improved, and brought back within acceptable compliance limits.  

For more detailed information regarding the City’s Swimming Pool Inspection program, and the measures that are used by the City in pursuit of compliance with the safety objectives of the swimming pool regulations, please follow the link below:

Pre-May 2016 Swimming Pool Compliance Requirements



+  Swimming/Spa Removal or Decommission

The City of Melville must be notified in writing when a Swimming Pool/Spa is removed or decommissioned.

A City of Melville Swimming Pool Inspector must conduct a site visit to confirm that the Swimming Pool/Spa has been correctly removed or decommissioned.

Please Note: The Swimming Pool Inspection Fee will be charged until the end of the financial year in which the City of Melville was formally notified of the removal/decommissioning.

Notification of Swimming Pool/Spa Removal & Decommission


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