Demolition Permit

Demolition of Buildings and Major Structures.

A Demolition Permit is required prior to the demolition of any major structure. A licence is not required for the demolition of incidental structures such as patios, pergolas and garden sheds. Please ensure you have consulted the Municipal Heritage Inventory, to ensure the site is NOT heritage listed before submitting for a demolition licence.

This information should be used as a guide only.

Demolition Permit
To obtain a Demolition Permit the City of Melville requires the submission of the following:

  • Demolition Permit Application form (please refer to the Building Commission website for all application forms) signed by all property owners and demolition contractor
  • Demolition Permit Fee (please click here to access fees & charges)
  • A Kerb and Footpath security Deposit  and colour photos.
  • BCITF is based on a percentage of the cost of the works where the cost of the demolition works exceeds $20,000

Written confirmation that Rat Baiting has been undertaken at least 7 days prior to demolition. A Certificate of Completion from a Licenced Plumber that the sewer and water services have been cut and sealed. Colour photographs of the building/s to be demolished. Where the proposal is not to demolish all of the buildings on site, a site plan identifying the buildings to be demolished and to remain is to be provided. Advise as to how access to the building can be obtained.

Demolition of Buildings Containing Asbestos
Demolitions of buildings containing asbestos are required to have the asbestos removed in accordance with the requirements of the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1994.

For further information please contact the City of Melville Health Service on 9364 0659.

Disconnection of Services
All services are required to be disconnected prior to the issue of a Demolition Licence.
Where applicable it will be necessary to request that Alinta Gas, Western Power, Water
Corporation and Telstra disconnect their services.

Rat Baiting
Rat baiting is required to be undertaken in all the main structures to be demolished. Bait stations are to be placed within roof spaces and beneath the building where the flooring is of timber construction. Preferred baits include Bromakil, Talon and Contrac.

Kerb and Footpath Security Deposit
The City of Melville requires that a bond be lodged to ensure that infrastructure is not damaged during the demolition works. Where the footpath kerb or other infrastructure is damaged the City of Melville will use the funds deposited to repair the damage. If there is pre existing damage please document and photograph the damage and attach a copy to your Demolition Licence Application.

Municipal Heritage Inventory
Please ensure you have consulted the Municipal Heritage Inventory located on our web
site, to ensure the site is NOT heritage listed before submitting an application.