Your Melville – You told us where to go

Over the next week, City of Melville residents are being asked to look out for a colourful easy to use summary of the community’s aspirations in their letterboxes, highlighting the community’s vision and importantly how it influences the way the City does business.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey reminded the community that in early 2016, residents were asked to Tell the City Where To Go!

“1,394 people participated and told us what's important to them and these ‘aspirations' and the community’s vision are now captured in the updated Strategic Community Plan 2016-2026,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“We have made sure that every resident will receive a copy of the Your Melville flyer, which not only features the community’s six aspiration areas, but also explains how these aspirations inform and influence the City’s Corporate Business Plan.

“The connection between the Community Plan and the Corporate Plan is an important one. By understanding the community’s vision, we can make your priorities the City’s priorities as identified in the Corporate Business Plan.

“The community has a vision of “A safe City with green, leafy streets, suburbs and open spaces where people enjoy high levels of health and wellbeing, participate in local events and activities; have access to community services and local business opportunities are encouraged.

“Here at the City of Melville our vision is “Working together, to achieve community wellbeing, for today and tomorrow” and we have many different roles in contributing to our community’s wellbeing including the delivery of over 200 products and services and managing a huge and diverse range of community assets. The Your Melville flyer gives some great examples of how we do this.”

The full Community Strategic Plan ‘People, Places, Participation 2016-2026’, Corporate Business Plan 2016-2050 and A-Z Guide can be viewed online at or printed copies are available at the City of Melville Civic Centre.