Wave Park Lease approved by Council

City of Melville Councillors have given their approval to progress the signing of a ground lease for the development of a widely publicised Wave Park facility in Alfred Cove.

Following a number of amendments and gruelling debate into the early hours of the morning, Council’s decision at the Special Meeting, now directs the Chief Executive Officer and the Mayor to proceed with the execution of the ground lease agreement for the surf and recreation facility.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey welcomed the decision.

“Councils decision to progress to execution of the lease is a significant step towards what will be a unique and transformative development both for the Melville community and for the State,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“From the beginning, there has been a lot of interest in this project from the community which was evident through the high number of submissions the City received with over 3000 in support and over 650 against, clearly showing there was wide spread support for this type of facility to be established in Perth.

FOR The Proposal - Total:   3,026

  • 719      Resident support to Proposal
  • 2,307   Non-Residents support the proposal

AGAINST The Proposal - Total:   651

  • 587      Residents object against the proposal
  • 64        Non-Residents object against the proposal

“The City has worked through a long process guided clearly by the Local Government Act, allowing the project to be fully considered and measures put in place to ensure the appropriate assessment of risks and impacts will be conducted, as a condition of the lease.

“It is the responsibility of the City and Councillors to plan for the long term needs of the community and for Melville residents and ratepayers this project offers both social and economic benefits.”

“CEO Dr Shayne Silcox highlighted that for ratepayers in particular, the development would provide a financial opportunity to help keep rate increases as low as possible into the future.

“During the construction stage of the project, estimates tell us that approximately 20% of the $28.0 million total construction cost for this facility will be directly returned to the local economy, with 51 FTE jobs and an estimated $5.2 million in incomes and salaries paid to City of Melville households. This is a win for our community,” Dr Silcox said.

“When operating the project will also have the potential to deliver

  • $25.3 million worth of additional output (including $10.3 million in direct impacts)
  • $11.9 million contribution to GRP (including $4.0 million through direct impacts)
  • $7.6 million in incomes and salaries paid to households (including $2.7 million in direct incomes)
  • Employment totaling 122 FTE jobs (including 53 direct jobs)

“In addition to economic benefits, the project is also likely to provide social benefits to the City of Melville once operational

“These include:

  • Increased employment of unskilled and older/youth labour;
  • Increased tourism visitation to other areas within the City of Melville;
  • Increased local participation in sport and sport development opportunities;
  • Improved place activation and more diverse local use of the space;
  • Improved community involvement. 

“Importantly, one of the City’s priorities is to support a healthy and active community, and we are thrilled we will be able to deliver a new and additional sport to our community if the project goes ahead.

“A transformational project of this type is complex by nature and our Councillors and officers have worked through the issues to reach this milestone. It is now up to the Wave Park Group to meet the conditions of the lease over the next 12 to 18 months before the project can become a reality.”

Once signed, the lease requires the Wave Park Group to secure approvals from a large number of external agencies including the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Without those approvals, the project will not go ahead.

For more information visit www.melvillecity.com.au/wavepark