Service providers receive customer service recognition from the City

During a week dedicated to customer service excellence last month (October 2016), City of Melville staff have recognised their peers and external service providers who they regard to be excellent customer service champions.

Customer Service Week is an international celebration highlighting the importance of customer service and the people who deliver it, serving and supporting customers on a daily basis. The week celebration aims to boost morale, motivation and teamwork by recognising individuals and teams within an organisation as well as external contractors. By doing so, cultural awareness of the importance and the difference customer service excellence can make for everyone is also raised.

City of Melville Chief Executive Officer Dr Shayne Silcox said the City had a strong culture of striving to exceed the expectations of Melville residents, businesses and local communities however Customer Service Week served as a timely reminder that everything we do, and how well we do it, also impacts the people we work with every day.

“During Customer Service Week 476 nominations were received recognising individuals, teams and contractors, highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction, rewarding their sometimes unseen efforts and most importantly thanking them for their hard work,” said Dr Silcox.

“Quite a number of external service providers were nominated and we would especially like to thank and acknowledge them for their commitment to excellent customer service. In particular we congratulate Emso Maintenance and Rhysco Electrical who tied for the win, with an equal number of nominations.”


·         Emso Maintenance

·         Rhysco Electrical

·         Rhubarb Coffee

·         Myriad Images

·         Scott Print

·         Trevor Lyons – T. Lyons Construction

·         Michelle Kember – Q2

·         Aston Tabor - Satellite Security

·         John Cooke – Independent Power Systems

A special presentation was held at, Bull Creek Library, on Thursday 13 October 2016, where CEO, Shayne Silcox and Director Community Development, Christine Young, presented awards to the individuals, teams and contractors in recognition and appreciation of their hard work.

The City of Melville currently holds a number of accreditations for customer service and in October 2016 was announced winner of the Australian Service Excellence Government award, a national premier customer service awards event run by the Customer Service Institute of Australia.

The City also actively promotes its Customer Service Charter driving its commitment to delivering great service and promoting a culture of striving to exceed customer expectations

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For more information about the Customer Service Institute of Australia please visit or call 1300 912 700.