Safer Melville Survey Results Released

The City of Melville has been identified as a safe place to live, work and study among results from a recent community safety and crime prevention survey.

The survey was conducted in February 2017 as part of a community engagement and data collection process to inform the Safer Melville Plan 2017-2021.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the community’s involvement was essential in determining the priorities for the revised Plan.

“Thanks to our actively engaged citizens who completed the survey we have been able to identify the key areas of concern and can now focus on these as we continue to create an even Safer Melville,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“While overall residents feel safe and secure; residential burglary, theft, anti-social behaviour and road safety have been flagged as top priorities the community would like local authorities to focus on,”   

“The City-wide data collection has provided valuable insights of issues at a neighbourhood level, and will help the City and local authorities to better target safety initiatives and crime prevention, including that of the Community Safety Service (CSS).”

The survey was developed in consultation with the Safer Melville Advisory Committee and the Road Safety and Travel Smart Working Group and was launched at Melville’s Safe Day Out event in February. An online survey on the City’s engagement portal,, included an interactive map where participants could “pin” areas they felt unsafe and detail why. 

Survey data was analysed alongside crime statistics obtained from WA Police by Shannon Renner, Criminology Student at Murdoch University and Dr Joe Clare, Criminology Lecturer at Murdoch University, and reported back to the City in May 2017.

This information along with data such as crime statistics, major causes of hospitalisations and deaths, graffiti removal statistics, and community feedback from the review of the Strategic Community Plan, the City’s Community Wellbeing Survey, and the City’s Community and Business Perceptions surveys has been used to develop seven goals for the Safer Melville Plan 2017-2021. 

The City is working with the Safer Melville Advisory Committee to have a final plan launched to the community in August 2017.

To view a full summary of results visit For more information on safety in Melville visit or call 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

Summary of Community Safety and Crime Prevention Survey Results 

  • The community feel safe here and feel the City is a safe place to live, work and study, with Community Safety Service making them feel even safer.
  • Residential burglary, theft, anti-social behaviour and road safety are top priorities they would like local authorities to focus on.
  • 44% of respondents considered burglary to be the most important crime or safety issue in the City of Melville. The next most frequent issues were traffic safety and road issues (19%), theft from cars and general (11.5%), and anti-social behaviour (11%).
  • Respondents from Palmyra, Willagee and Melville want local authorities to focus on anti-social behaviour.
  • Respondents from Booragoon, Applecross, Bicton and Brentwood want local authorities to focus on burglary
  • Respondents from Kardinya, Bateman and Melville want local authorities to focus on theft from cars
  • Respondents from Palmyra, Ardross and Alfred Cove want local authorities to focus on traffic safety and road issues.
  • The majority of respondents identified inattention/distraction as the most common factor causing road crashes.
  • The overwhelming majority of respondents suggested that the main cause of inattention while driving was use of mobile phones.