Operation graffiti continues in Melville

The City of Melville and WA Police are working to beat graffiti across the City, collaborating on initiatives and sharing information to help prevent and deter graffiti, as well as identify and apprehend prolific offenders.

From 27 June to 3 July 2016, the WA Police conducted Operation Quadrangle II, an operation focused on early graffiti prevention, and incorporating enforcement strategies from Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles as well as education and engagement strategies to raise awareness of graffiti related issues.

Visiting more than 50 schools and involving 100 key stakeholders, including local government authorities and repeat victims of graffiti offences, Operation Quadrangle II resulted in 308 graffiti offenders being charged with 442 offences.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the City had an excellent and collaborative relationship with the WA Police, particularly at the grass roots level where working in local suburbs and neighbourhoods is the frontline for beating crime and graffiti.

“With community safety and crime prevention a priority at the City of Melville, our Community Safety Service (CSS) officers are on patrol in Melville neighbourhoods 24/7 and are regularly in contact with both Murdoch and Palmyra local police stations to share and report information that can help catch offenders or prevent future offences,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“The City of Melville and WA Police have been working in close partnership since 2010, with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place outlining and guiding our coordinated efforts towards a Safer Melville and safer community.

“With regards to graffiti, the MOU allows the City to share images and locations of graffiti ‘tags’ it has recorded and identified with the police via the State Goodbye Graffiti database, which in turn assists the police to apprehend offenders. In particular we share information about prolific offenders who over time can be repeatedly traced, tracked and easily identified for a large number of offences for which they can then be charged”

“The City supported Operation Quadrangle II by supplying Palmyra Police with information on a particularly prolific graffiti offender in our local community.  The City had recorded details of no less than 250 incidents of the offender’s tag and details of each location. Palmyra Police used the information to conduct a search warrant of the offender’s house and as a result the offender was charged with every one of the 250 incidents.  Palmyra Police also put in a claim for almost $14,000 as damages for the City recouping the cost to the ratepayer for cleaning up graffiti.

In September 2015, another offender was charged with 58 incidents as an adult and 56 incidents as a juvenile as a result of information the City provided to the Palmyra Police station, with the offender pleading guilty, ordered to pay a $1000 fine, complete a 12 month community order and pay the City over $5000 in damages. 

“The City recently received important grant funding from the WA Police Graffiti Fund, to help upgrade the handheld devices and software that are currently used by the City to collect and upload pictures of graffiti to the State Goodbye Graffiti database, which we hope will improve the information shared and ultimately help the police catch more offenders.

“While the City has worked to hard reduce graffiti incidents over the years, we continue to be vigilant about the management and prevention of graffiti vandalism to keep our community safe and our City beautiful. I strongly encourage residents to always report any incidents of graffiti on their property to Police on 131 444 or for graffiti removal call our rapid removal   maintenance line on 1800 626 119.”