Melville Talks projects, plans, topics suburbs and more

Residents and local businesses from across the City of Melville have been joining in important conversations on Melville Talks, the City’s online community hub, which has proven to be a popular social platform for people to come together and talk, give feedback on various projects and initiatives and importantly connect with each other.

Launched earlier this year, City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said was a new platform for the City giving the community an opportunity to have their say and stay up-to-date with projects and developments relevant or of interest to them.

“Melville Talks gives anyone ‘online’ the opportunity to join a conversation and get involved in various issues, helping to ensure positive results on a range of initiatives relevant to the community,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“The type of projects and conversation topics posted on Melville Talks are diverse, reflecting the well over 200 products and services the City provides to the community. Information available can include concept plans, sketches, urban and development projects, improvements to public spaces, updates to community facilities, suburb chats and so much more.

“I really encourage everyone who lives, works, plays or studies in our City to sign up to Melville Talks, as once subscribed there are a number of ways you can get involved including interactive maps, leaving comments and ideas, completing surveys or taking part in quick polls. With nearly 4,000 residents already registered, the platform has become increasingly popular since its launch in April.”

Melville Talks was originally launched with the “Tell the City Where to Go” campaign, as part of the City’s review of the Strategic Community Plan and resulted in 1,687 people taking part in the survey.

In the first month, Melville Talks recorded 13,000 page views and has had a total of over 72,000 page views since its launch.

More recently, 3,500 people took part in the City’s Housing Needs Survey, with the collected feedback to be used to better plan for future housing needs across City of Melville suburbs.

As well as providing opportunities for the community to comment on projects, Melville Talks also offers a place for residents to share knowledge, ideas and community intelligence through Topic Talks and Suburb Talks, with 14 different topics of interest currently open.

Twenty-two residents have also registered and made a commitment to be Melville Talks ‘Topic Heroes’ with responsibility for moderating comments, dispelling myths and rumours, and sharing stories, knowledge and ideas residents might find interesting. The aim is to ensure that Melville Talks is always a safe, friendly and inviting place to share information and knowledge.  To become a Topic Hero, visit

To join a conversation, comment on a project or find out more about what’s happening in your neighbourhood please visit