Labor Announcement on Roe 8 a Disaster for Southern Suburbs

The cost of roadworks required to replace Roe 8 is $820 million alone to stop congestion catastrophe in Melville, Palmyra, Fremantle

The City of Melville is extremely disappointed and concerned about the Labor announcement today, that it will cancel Roe 8 contracts, believing this will condemn residents of southern suburbs to long-term, detrimental impacts including congestion, less employment opportunities and a worse environment.

These impacts were clearly identified in the independent, expert report by Greg Martin Strategies Report, released just prior to Christmas, which looked at the financial and other consequences of not completing Roe Highway.

The Greg Martin Report identified a clear and direct financial cost of $820 million required on at least 20 major upgrades between the Freeway and Fremantle if Roe 8 does not proceed.

The City of Melville calls on Labor to commit to these upgrades in order to stop a long-term congestion catastrophe as part of its $1.7 billion reallocation of road funding.  This commitment would reduce Labor’s available funding for other road projects to less than $880 million.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said it was extremely disappointing to see that Labor intended to cancel Roe 8 and then spend money elsewhere in Perth instead of addressing the traffic issues that it would create for tens of thousands of people in suburbs like Melville, and the surrounding suburbs in Cockburn and Fremantle.

“We want to know why the concerns and lifestyles of residents in this part of Perth are not top of the agenda for all political parties given that this region faces the most significant freight and general traffic issues,” said Mayor Aubrey.

The City of Melville wrote to Labor Leader Mark McGowan just before Christmas asking him to state this commitment to undertaking the $820 million worth of road works required if Roe 8 did not proceed.