Is it done yet? Are you food safe?

The City of Melville is encouraging the community to get involved and complete a Food Safety quiz as part of the 2017 Australian Food Safety Week on 11 to 18 November.

The theme ‘Is it done yet?’ urges people to cook meat and other risky foods safely by using a food thermometer, with Food Safety Week providing a great opportunity to ensure the community have access to information on how to reduce the risk food poisoning at home.

The Food Safety Information Council works to inform and educate the community to decrease the alarming number of food poisoning cases in Australia each year.

Throughout Food Safety Week the City will be holding its’ very own online quiz to test the general public’s food safety knowledge, with all participants in with a chance to win prizes worth over $1000, including meat temperature probes, gift vouchers donated by local five star food safe businesses and other great prizes.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the 2017 Food Safety campaign would have a valuable impact by empowering the community to adopt safe food practices into their everyday routines.

“Food poisoning can be particularly fatal for the young, elderly and those with low immune systems, so it is important to participate in safe food practices to protect your family from the 4.1 million estimated cases of food poisoning recorded in Australia each year,” Mayor Russell Aubrey said.

“With the holiday season right around the corner and summer heating up, don’t ruin the celebrations by giving your family and guests a gift they don’t want. Remember the four basic tips to good food safety practice are cleaning, cooking, chilling and separating. Food thermometers should also be used to determine whether or not meat is cooked to the correct temperature.”

“A third of all food poisoning cases occur in the home with an average of over 31,000 hospitalisations, one million visits to the doctor and 86 deaths occurring each year. Food poisoning cannot be ignored and steps need to be taken to prevent it.

The City of Melville implemented the Scores on the Doors food safety scheme in 2014 to inform customers about the food safety standards and practices of local businesses, and provide the public with an opportunity to make safe, healthy choices when eating out. Sixty-five percent of City of Melville businesses are currently eligible to receive the top ratings of four or five stars.

To complete the Food Safety quiz and be in the running to win prizes worth over $1000 visit, .

For more information on Food Safety Week and tips to avoid food poisoning, visit