Housing Needs Survey for Melville

Residents can help guide the future of housing in the City of Melville and become eligible to win a $2,000 voucher prize, by taking part in a survey to give a snapshot of the community’s housing needs in the years to come.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said residents should check their letterboxes over the coming days for details on how to take part in the housing needs survey.

“The survey can be completed online via the City’s community engagement website www.melvilletalks.com.au/housingsurvey or in hard copy at one of the City’s libraries or the Civic Centre,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“By answering some simple questions regarding your housing situation, you will help the City develop a Local Housing Strategy for the future, and as an added incentive by completing the survey you also become eligible to win a $2,000 Bunnings/House voucher in the prize draw*.

“Once developed, the Local Housing Strategy will supplement our Local Planning Strategy and other plans for activity centres, helping to inform our future planning for a better mix of housing by understanding the needs of our community. The survey data will show us where to start and what is most important in different areas of our City.

“The Strategy will enhance our existing strategic and statutory planning framework, which has been recently recognised in a report by the Perth Council Australia Benchmarking Greater Perth Local Governments, which rated Melville as the top Western Australian local government with a high level of planning performance.

Planning performance is determined across four key elements of a best practice local planning framework including:

  • Strategic planning (Local Planning Strategy)
  • Statutory planning (Local Planning Scheme)
  • Delegation of approval to planning officers
  • Timeliness of approvals

“We encourage our residents to participate in the survey, as your feedback will give us a better idea of the City’s future housing needs and will allow us to develop plans that provide positive outcomes for our community into the future,” Mayor Aubrey said.

The Housing Needs Survey is now open at www.melvilletalks.com.au/housingsurvey until Friday, 14 October 2016.

For more information visit www.melvilletalks.com.au/housingsurvey or call the City of Melville on 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.

*Conditions Apply.