Heathcote Select Showcases Seven Artists

Heathcote Museum & Gallery is proud to present Heathcote Select, an exhibition of Western Australian artists selected by curator Jana Braddock, opening on Saturday, 9 September 2017.

“Heathcote Select 2017 will feature the works of seven artists, each exploring concepts and ideas informed by personal experience and interest, while assimilating common themes and disciplines,” said Ms Braddock.

Local artist Jessica Hart’s work is influenced by her interest in colonial settlement and her degree in Indigenous history and. Hart uses a variety of mediums originating from the earth, including wood, hand ground charcoals and textiles and explores the British settlement on the Swan River in 1829, aiming to encourage the viewer ‘to consider the multiple histories present at a single site.’

Matthew Pope’s work focuses on ‘our’ relationship with the Earth and invites viewers to ‘touch, interact and feel’ pieces allowing viewers to explore how the ‘human body connect with nature emotionally, physically and sexually. Pope is a multidisciplinary artist using a range of mediums including sculpture, video art, printmaking and performance to further establish intimate connections between the artist, audience and natural environment to occur.

Ellen Norrish investigates the notion of using photography as a painting tool, exploring how painting responds to the ‘vernacular photography and the digitisation of memory-making practises, while taking the pleasure and problem of personal smartphone image accumulation. Norrish aims to develop a view of a life in one artwork, where ‘life is not only imaged, but collected.’

Alexander Tandy, a local artist based in Fremantle, seeks to create a practise dependent on intuition and moments of ‘serendipity’, often working without a prior outcome in mind. Using a variety of mediums Tandy, illustrates this works origin of an intense moment of self-reflection and wants visitors to view his work simply for what it is ‘weightless pink fabric, asking for help’.

Sophie Nixon, a local, emerging artist, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University works primarily with plants and textiles to create sculptures and installations. Nixon’s practise investigates processes of repair and healing, with a site-specific installation of her old rental property in Wilson and the feelings of ‘bereavement, memorialising and preservation’ incumbent within the piece.

Emily Hornum uses a 3D photo media collage as her medium to display her and her lat farthers stamp collection. Hornum and her father brought these stamps in bundles from local meets and steamed them off envelopes. ‘Embedded in these stamps are a personal narrative, but they are also cultural objects from the past that evoke collective identity, heritage and history.’

The exhibition will officially open on Friday, 8 September 2017 at 6.00pm. Members of the public wishing to attend the opening should RSVP by Tuesday, 5 September 2017 to heathcote@melville.wa.gov.au or phone 9364 5666.

The exhibition runs from Saturday, 9 September to Sunday, 15 October 2017, at Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Heathcote Cultural Centre, 58 Swan House, Duncraig Road, Applecross. The opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 10.00am to 3.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 12noon to 4.00pm.

For more information, visit www.melvillecity.com.au/heathcote or contact 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666.