City welcomes Roe Highway Announcement

The City of Melville has welcomed the announcement a Liberal State Government will extend Roe Highway all the way through to the Fremantle Port.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the tunnel option (Roe 9), along with Roe 8, provided the best possible solution to the growing congestion, safety, social and economic issues facing Melville residents because of growing congestion throughout the region caused by increasing traffic volumes.

“The City of Melville continues to support the completion of Roe Highway to Fremantle Port as broadly envisaged in transport and growth plans for Perth ever since 1955,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“The final stage of this road infrastructure, known as Roe 9, will be the missing piece of a ring road system for Perth that will allow trucks and cars to travel quickly and effectively around the metropolitan area with minimal impact on residential and local business areas.”

Mayor Aubrey said completion of Roe Highway was secondary only to the Kwinana and Mitchell Freeways in economic importance to Perth, and was arguably far more important to the residents of Melville and surrounding areas.

“Completing Roe Highway will enable freight traffic to travel direct into Fremantle and also allow many of the cars now travelling through the local suburbs to take a faster and more direct route to their destinations,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“The end result will be the removal of approximately 6,000 trucks per day and 75,000 vehicles per day from local roads, significantly cutting congestion in Melville and across the region.

“As a result, completing Roe Highway will improve travel times for many people to important destinations, ranging from Fiona Stanley Hospital to Perth Airport. It will improve public safety by separating the freight traffic heading to Fremantle Port and nearby industrial zones from the cars and public transport making local journeys. It will significantly improve the local environment by reducing greenhouse emissions by 450,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2031 as a result of reducing stop-start traffic on Leach Highway and adjoining roads. It will also help to preserve green open space throughout Melville that otherwise will need to be removed to make way for 20 major road upgrades.”

A recent expert study showed that only the completion of Roe Highway through to Fremantle Port would protect the ability of residents and business to move around the region, plus preserve business investment, and ensure residents have good ongoing access to jobs, job opportunities, reduced trauma and pollution and negate the need to upgrade 20 local roads.

Mayor Aubrey said the proposed tunnel solution for the final stage of Roe Highway was a win-win solution for the region by enabling the road to have minimal environmental impact once construction was completed.

“The plans for Roe Highway minimise environmental impact along the route, with even the footprint at Beeliar wetlands involving half of one per cent of the wetlands area.

“Completing the project ultimately preserves and protects many important environmental assets throughout the region, reduces greenhouse gases, and lowers health risks for residents from carcinogens resulting from fuel emissions.”