Cat and dog owners asked to share #furbaby #love

An Instagram campaign by the City of Melville is asking pet owners to share funny cat and dog images as a way of encouraging cat and dog owners to register their pets before 1 November 2016, and also be the running to win a $100 gift voucher from City Farmers.

Under State law all cats six months of age or more must be sterilised, microchipped and registered, and all dogs three months of age or more must be microchipped and registered. The penalty for not registering your cat or dog is $200.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said that microchipping and registering cats and dogs helps ensure that owner and animal can be reunited if parted, and also decreases the amount of unwanted dogs that usually end up in the City’s pound.

“Responsible pet ownership is pivotal to maintaining a pet friendly community. With nearly 10,000 dogs and over 2,500 cats in the City of Melville, microchipping and registering has never been so important,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“The deadline for registering your furry companion is Tuesday, 1 November, so look out for our Rangers who are doorknocking in our neighbourhoods to promote, encourage and build awareness around the importance of pet registration.

“If you have a new puppy or kitten, or have recently acquired a dog or cat of any age, get them booked in at your local vet to ensure they are microchipped. With the aid of technology you will have the best chance of finding them if they escape or get lost.”

Renewal letters have been sent to currently registered cat and dog owners. Registrations and renewals can easily be completed online, by visiting, calling 1300 635 845 | 9364 0666 or visiting the City of Melville Civic Centre in person.