Accessible Grant for Deep Water Point Upgrade

The City of Melville has received $100,000 in grant funding from the Disability Services Commission towards a ‘Changing Place’ facility that will become part of a wider upgrade at the popular Deep Water Point site

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the grant was welcomed and significant for the community as it would be used to provide a public toilet facility that would meet the diverse needs of people with a disability.

“The new facility will offer an accessible public toilet with full sized change table and hoists, which will be added to the list of available facilities on the ‘Changing Places’ website as part of a nation-wide initiative,” Mayor Aubrey said.

“The City of Melville places a high priority on making our City accessible to all, so it is both a privilege and a responsibility to provide this new facility to members of our community who are often disadvantaged in terms of suitable infrastructure and facilities. We are working hard to change this.

“The new Deep Water Point jetty, completed in 2014, was designed to be accessible to everyone, with the improved design providing handrails, a larger landing at the end and a better connection to the grassed embankment of the park. The jetty is also wide enough for someone in a wheelchair or mobility vehicle to be able to comfortably travel out to the jetty end and back.”

“In addition to the new Changing Place facility, the City will also upgrade the existing change rooms and toilets at the popular recreation spot as part of a wider concept plan for the site.”

The overall Concept Plan addresses the issue of river foreshore erosion, the new jetty, a new café, and improvements for the playground, boat ramp, parking and park furniture.

A tender for the construction of the Changing Place facility is being compiled and will be made public in September, with the appointment of the contractor and work expected to commence in March 2017,coinciding with the construction of a new café facility.

The City of Melville provides and facilitates support and advocacy for residents who require assistance with access and inclusion through its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. Visit for more information.

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