City responds to misinformation regarding Mount Pleasant Bowls Club

In relation to misinformation circling through Social Media this week in regards to a Motion Without Notice – the City of Melville unequivocally refutes claims made that previous vacant Water Corp Land in Mount Pleasant was to be converted and sold into a real estate development.

This misinformation is completely untrue and when negotiations began regarding this land, it was always the City’s intention that it be used as Public Open Space, and that is what it is today and will remain so.

In June 2013 – the City transformed this land into Public Open Space.

Purchased by the City for $3.3 million in March 2012, the old Water Corporation site at 72 Ogilvie Road, Mt Pleasant, was redeveloped by the City in consultation with the local community and in just over one year was returned to the community as a local park for recreation, play and nature.

In regards to the Motion Without Notice being deemed as inappropriate, most Councils across Australia have such a system so they have flexibility to be able to adapt to constant changes within their communities, and to suggest this is inappropriate is misinformed.

The actual motion is as follows:


That the Council:

1.      Notes and supports the current community consultation process around the future development of Shirley Strickland Reserve in Ardross, including the investigation of options both with and without the relocation of the Mount Pleasant Bowls Club (MPBC) to the Reserve;

2.      Notes that the potential cost of redevelopment at Shirley Strickland Reserve and other options for MPBC to be considered in the consultation process are only affordable either through the relocation of the MPBC and the joint sale with the State Government of the land it occupies, or rate increases of the order of 1.2% for every million dollars required to achieve the eventually approved objectives;

3.      Notes that only basic upgrades at Shirley Strickland Reserve including verge parking, toilets, change rooms and club room upgrade are currently budgeted;

4.      As part of ensuring the sport of lawn bowls has a long term sustainable future in the City of Melville, requests the Chief Executive Officer to expedite the strategy report for the future of bowls and present to Council for consideration at the earliest available Ordinary Meeting of Council; and that the strategy present viable future locations of bowls in the City including consideration of the willingness of MPBC to relocate to a sporting hub facility and under what circumstances; and,

5.      Resolves that if the MPBC land is sold by the state, the local government or the two parties jointly within the next ten years to fund sport and recreation activities then the Council’s view is that the land should be developed in line with its surrounds ie Residential R 20 zoning with the appropriate public open space included within it.

At 9.23pm the Mayor submitted the motion as amended, which was declared                                                                                                                                                                            


As you can see it does not mandate a sale of the bowling club - it only talks through the issues to give the community clarity of Council’s intentions in relation to processes as the City moves forward.

For anyone seeking more information regarding this they are encouraged to contact the City on 9364 0666.