Business Breakfast - Human Relations & Staffing

Are your people running it like they own it? What is it you are doing that is preventing, even your best people, from contributing fully?

Join us for the first workshop in the City's 2018 Business Breakast Series!

Transform the pay packet from a driver to an enabler Motivate your team and use your people to differentiate from your competition and never play the discounting game again When you understand the key human desires that are powerful enough to drive people to volunteer their time freely, then you will understand how to transform your business. Learn how to create a productive business culture where poor performance can find no oxygen to exist and where your people will run it like they own it. To be of value, your business needs  to be bigger than you, or bigger than any one individual.

Isn't it about time you tried something a little different to get the results you really want?

The outcome from this workshop:

  • Learn how to have performance conversations about outcomes not tasks and enable your people to truly take responsibility for their positions.
  • Learn Performance Prism Leadership; what it is, how it works, and how you can implement it in your business.
  • Learn how to flip the switch so the pay packet becomes that thing that allows your people to come to that place they love and contribute willingly and with passion. 

Presenter – Robyn Moyle, H Factor

Robyn holds the title of H Agent 001 at The H Factor.  She is a Human Performance Agent, having developed experience over 25 years working in corporate HRM.  Robyn’s philosophy is that inspired action delivers inspired results and The H Factor have developed a business model that assists business owners deliver an emotive brand, an effective productivity model, and repeatable profits. 

“We believe that everyone has the right and innate capability to create the extraordinary.  Our work is to give you the tools and support to do it.  We create organisations where the pay packet becomes the enabler of great performance rather than the driver of it”.

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Contact Phone(08) 9433 2305
Cost$34 MCCC members / $39 Non-members
LocationCity of Melville Civic Centre - Conference Room. 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon, 6154.
Start Date01 March 2018
End Date01 March 2018
Start Time07:00
End Time09:00