The Urban Forest Strategy

You’re invited to join the conversation on the City’s Urban Forest and Green Space Policy, adopted by Council in September 2016, which will utilise the benefits of trees and other vegetation as an integral element of the urban environment.

Following on from the adoption of the City's Urban Forest and Green Spaces Policy, by Council in September 2016, the City is working towards developing an Urban Forest Strategy which will help guide the City's long term management of trees in our parks, streets and neighbourhoods.

Driven by community needs and the latest science, the strategy will identify where our areas of greatest tree vegetation are located in the City and where we will need more trees to create cooler and greener environments.

The City's vision is to:

  1. Proactively manage, protect and replenish our tree stock in ways that meet the needs of our present and future generations
  2. Increase the overall number of trees / canopy cover across the City.

The community is invited to participate in the conversation at to help set out priorities for the Strategy and how they can be achieved. In preparation for this, the City has also used aerial photography to map the locations of the trees located across the parks, gardens and streets within the City of Melville.

Along with the opportunities on Melville Talks the community are also being involved through:
  • A random sample of residents in each of the four neighbourhoods of have been selected to serve on a Community Reference Group (CRG), which will be responsible for looking at tasks including identifying the purpose, priorities for action and how the community could play an active role in making the Strategy a reality at the local level.
  • Residents will also be able to respond to an invitation to complete an online survey. 
Everything you want to know about developing the Strategy is available at