Community Partnership Funding

Looking for funding grants? Our Community Partnership Funding program is great for community and not for profits. Find out how to apply.


Applicable community projects and priority areas

The City of Melville welcomes applications for proposals i.e. activities, events, services that:

  • Are based in the City of Melville
  • Benefit a large and diverse number of people
  • Meet identified priority needs of the City of Melville’s local area
  • Are aligned to the Community Partnership Funding Guiding Principles
  • Observe access and inclusion principles
  • Create long-term social and cultural or economic value for the community
  • Have clear objectives and outcomes
  • Have a realistic budget and are cost effective
  • Demonstrate a high level of self-help and involvement of your organisation’s members
  • Are aligned to the City of Melville’s values of relationships, excellence, vibrancy and wellbeing.

Current priority areas

We are currently prioritising projects that directly address one or more of the following areas:

  • Age-friendly
  • Early childhood and youth
  • Community health and wellbeing
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Safety and Security
  • Cultural Vitality (celebrates culture and creativity)

Who can apply?

To apply, applicants must:

  • Be a constituted not for profit association, incorporated *
  • Be based in the City of Melville or providing services within this community
  • Have an Australia Business Number (ABN)
  • Not have outstanding acquittal of previous funding provided.

To find out more, please refer to the funding guidelines bellow.

*Non-incorporated associations applying for monetary grants must have an appropriate auspice organisation (shared aims and common interests) that can support their project and receive the grant on their behalf.

Levels of funding available

The following levels of funding support are available:

*Non-monetary funding can contribute towards the hire fees of Council owned facilities (meeting/recreation spaces) and use of equipment.

When can I apply?

Level one: $5,001 - $10,000 (CLOSED)

This round will open in June 2017.

Refer to successful projects

Level two: $1,001 - $5,000 (available all year-round)

You can apply at any time. Please note: your application must be received at least 4 months prior to the start date of your project.

Level three: Up to $1,000 (available all year-round)

You can apply at any time. Please note: your application must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of your project.

Non-monetary: In-kind requests up to $500 (available all year-round)

You can apply at any time. Please note: your application must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the start date of your project.

General exclusions and ineligibility

  • Political parties or activities that could be perceived as benefiting a political party or political campaign
  • General donations to charities, unless for specific projects run by the charity and that meet the eligibility criteria
  • Government organisations
  • Education institutions
  • Previous grant recipients who have not fulfilled the conditions of the particular grant
  • For profit organisations
  • Individuals
  • Organisations  that have already been funded during the current budget year
  • Proposals that directly contravene Council’s policies.

Funding guidelines and application forms

Contact program coordinator

It is highly recommended that you contact us for support and advice prior to applying.

Please email the Program Coordinator or call 9364 0660.

Applicant testimonials

‘Very helpful. I was very pleased with the process and cooperation I was given.’

(Waylen Bay Sea Scouts – 50th anniversary banners)

‘It has been wonderful to work in partnership with the City of Melville and a huge thank you to all staff who helped make this event such an outstanding success’.

(Attitudinal Healing – Dementia Conference with Michael Verde)

‘Process gets easier each year! City of Melville’s Community Development staff is helpful with guidance and advice. (Lions Club Booragoon – Christmas at Sunset)

‘The process was simple and COM staff was very helpful – as usual. Thank you all once again!!’ (St. Michael’s Anglican Parish of Mt. Pleasant - Carols on the Lawn)