Art & Culture

Find out more about Public Art and where to find it, upcoming events, Heathcote Cultural Precinct and how to get involved in local art projects.

Art Awards

The City of Melville hosts an annual Art Awards and has been doing so for 40 years. In 2017 the Awards will be held in August.

Art Collection

The art collection supports local and Western Australian artists, records and reflects the cultural heritage and lifestyle of the community and enhances the City of Melville's civic and community buildings.

Arts Opportunities

Get involved or connect with others to make your community a vibrant place to live, work, play and visit.

Cultural Plan

Guiding the City of Melville’s work in relation to cultural development.

Heathcote Cultural Precinct

Heathcote Cultural Precinct is a heritage-listed site with a rich history and a variety of current cultural uses.

Public Art

What makes good public art? How can art enhance our public spaces? Help us define what makes living, visiting and exploring the City of Melville a vibrant and unique experience by completing a short online survey.

Sculpture Walk

Experience and explore temporary sculptures and art installations by Western Australian artists at this annual outdoor exhibition.