Local Housing Strategy

Draft Local Housing Strategy now out for comment.

We're preparing a Local Housing Strategy. A Local Housing Strategy helps us plan for a better mix of housing. The data we gather will help us make decisions about where to start and what's most important.

We’d like your feedback on the draft we’ve put together. Please click here to download a copy of the draft and its appendices.

When we’re done we’ll have a clearer idea of things like:

• What sort of housing would our seniors prefer?
• How can we reduce the cost of housing for our young people?
• How many of us need larger homes?
• What types of housing do we need more of?

Of course, there are some things the Local Housing Strategy can't do. Key points include:

  • Most development will be around activity centres and transport routes. That means we won’t change the housing densities of our suburbs much
  • Local Housing Strategies just make recommendations. They're not plans or controls like Local Planning Schemes
  • The City can’t directly provide any housing or subsidies

How to have your say

Choose one of the following methods:

  • Visit our MelvilleTalks page and click on the comment buttons or leave your thoughts in the comments thread
  • Email your comments to housingstrategy@melville.wa.gov.au
  • Visit any of our libraries or the Civic Centre to read a printed version. Fill out a hard copy reply form and leave it in the box provided

Got questions?

Our FAQs page answers most.

If you’d like any more info please contact the City's Strategic Urban Planner, Will Schaefer, on
9364 0642 or