Future Vision

Information on the City's future vision, major projects and community involvement.

Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan

Deep Water Point Upgrade

The City of Melville has developed a Concept Plan for the upgrade of Deep Water Point. This is to address the issue of river foreshore erosion, create a new jetty and café, and to improve the playground, boat ramp, parking and park furniture.

Local Commercial and Activity Centres Strategy

These documents form a guide for commercial development until 2026.

Local Government Inventory and Heritage List

The Heritage List identifies certain properties within the City of Melville for their heritage significance.

Local Housing Strategy

The Housing Needs Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill one out. We received more than 3,500 completed surveys, which is fantastic!The prize will be drawn on Friday 28 October 2016. Winner will be notified directly.

Local Planning Scheme 6

Local Planning Scheme No 6 is the primary statutory planning document used to assess development in the City of Melville.

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy is the key strategic urban planning document for the City of Melville.

Melville City Centre

Planning the future of the Garden City Shopping Centre, Booragoon and surrounding areas.

Melville District Centre

Plans and vision for the Melville District Centre (Melville Plaza Shopping Centre & corner of Stock Road/Canning Highway).

Melville Glades Golf Club / John Connell Reserve

Investigating future development and recreational options for the Melville Glades Golf Course and John Connell Reserve in Leeming.

Melville to 2050 Intergenerational Local Government

The City of Melville acknowledges the challenges and implications for local government emerging from the diversity of intergenerational change.

Murdoch Specialised Activity Centre

The Murdoch Specialised Activity Centre Structure Plan sets out the development parameters for the Murdoch Mixed Use Precinct.

Riseley Centre

The City of Melville has approved a plan (called a ‘structure plan’) for the Riseley Centre, which is located around the intersection of Riseley Street and Canning Highway in Ardross and Applecross.

Roe Highway

Roe Highway is critical to improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion and pollution on local roads.The City of Melville Council continues to support the completion of this road of national significance.

Shirley Strickland Reserve

Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan

Strategic Corporate Planning

The State Government has legislated an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework for all local governments.

Wave Park Proposal - Alfred Cove

The next step towards the development of a proposed surfing recreation facility in Alfred Cove was approved by Council on 21 February 2017.

Willagee Structure Plan

The Willagee Structure Plan was adopted in December 2013. The plan is live under Local Planning Scheme 6.