What's the role of your councillors

The City of Melville’s Council consists of 13 Elected Members, 12 Councillors and a Mayor, voted in by you – the people who live and do business in the area.

Elected Members play an important role as community representatives, influencing many decisions, the City of Melville makes about what happens locally.
While the Chief Executive Officer and staff of the City are employed to provide specialised information and advice to the Council and carry out the Council’s decisions, Elected Members are the elected policy makers and collectively make decisions for the City.
This includes making decisions on matters relating to sport and recreation, allocation of financial resources, environment and sustainability, community development, public health and safety, essential infrastructure and future planning and services provided to residents.
More specifically, the role of a City of Melville Councillor is to:
Represent the community;
Provide leadership and guidance;
Facilitate communication between the community and the Council;
Make decisions on all matters before Council;
Determine Council policy;
Govern finances; and
Forward planning and evaluation of Council’s progress Source: Western Australian Department of Local Government
A person may be eligible to run to be an Elected Member, provided they are 18 years of age or older, are an elector of the district, and are willing to represent the views of the whole community and district, rather than their own personal views.
Could you see yourself as a future Elected Member?.
For more information visit the Department of Local Government’ and Community’s website, www.dlgc.wa.gov.au, or contact the City’s Governance and Compliance Program Manager on 9364 0264 or jeff.clark@melville.wa.gov.au.
To meet your local Elected Members, visit www.melvillecity.com.au/electedmembers
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