Council Policies at the City of Melville


Accounting Policy - CP-025


Acting Chief Executive Officer - CP-007

POLICY OBJECTIVE To allow the proper appointment of an Acting Chief Executive Officer in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

Advisory and Management Committees - CP-021


Asset Management - CP-031


Borrowings Asset Financing - CP-024

POLICY OBJECTIVES To affirm that the preferred policy position of Council is to remain debt free, and should that not be practicable, to set out the circumstances in which the Council may consider Borrowings or Other Financial Accommodation to fund the acquisition, renewal or construction of specified assets and to provide guidance as to the appropriate terms of any such borrowing.

Citizenship Ceremonies - CP-001


City of Melville Prayer - CP-019


Civic and Ceremonial Functions - CP-016


Code of Conduct - CP-041

The Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) requires every council to prepare or adopt a code of conduct to be observed by all council members and committee members. The City of Melville has decided that it will have separate codes of conduct for Elected Members and employees.It is the personal responsibility of Elected Members to comply with the standards in the code and regularly review their understanding of the code to ensure ongoing compliance.

Code of Conduct - Employees


Complaints Management Policy CP-101

Council Policy

Disability Access and Inclusion Policy - CP-084

POLICY OBJECTIVESTo ensure compliance with the WA Disability Services Act (1993) and to promote, outline and specify the Council’s commitment to ensure people with disabilities have equal opportunities of access and community inclusion to Council services, products, facilities and information and are consulted in appropriate and meaningful ways to facilitate participation in decision-making that affects their lives.

Disaster Appeals - CP-022


Discretionary Services - CP-038


Elected Members Allowances and Expenses - CP-091


Elected Members Professional Development - CP-092


Employee Appointments - CP-026

POLICY OBJECTIVES To ensure the City of Melville complies with the Local Government Act 1995 in relation to Employee appointments.

Environmental Policy - CP-030


Ex Gratia Payments - CP-011


Financial Sustainability Forward Financial Planning And Funding Allocation - CP-008

POLICY STATEMENT The City of Melville recognises the need to plan for the current and future needs of its citizens in a socially, culturally, environmentally and financially sustainable manner. The Citys longterm financial performance and position is considered sustainable when planned longterm service and infrastructure levels and standards are met without undue reliance ona very limited number of revenue streamsuncontrollable, temporary or highly variable revenue sources large variations in rates increases or unplanned cuts to services.

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy - CP-062


Honorary Freeman of the City of Melville - CP-012


Investment of Funds Policy - CP-009

The Citys investment objectives will be met through the application of this Policy which provides guidelines with respect to the investment of City of Melville (the City) funds by defining levels of risk considered prudent for public monies. Liquidity requirements are determined to ensure the funds are available as and when required and take account of appropriate benchmarks for rates of return commensurate with the low levels of risk and liquidity requirements. The policy ensures that perceived or potential conflicts of interest for the Citys officers, investment advisers and fund managers or the sellers or promoters of investment products, are carefully managed and that investments are appropriately authorised and meet ethical and public acceptability standards.

Land Property Retention, Disposal and Acquisition - CP-005

POLICY OBJECTIVES To provide a policy framework through which the City can consider its freehold and vested reserve land and property assets and make decisions, using a systematic informed approach, with respect to the retention, disposal or acquisition of such assets.To ensure that decisions made in relation to the use of City of Melville land and property assets ensure maximum return to the City by either realising a commercial level of financial return or by fulfilling a community benefit aligned to the visions of te the City of Melville or a combination thereof.

Legal Representation - CP-017


LPP1.10 Amenity Policy

The policy outlines where an Amenity Impact Statement is required to be included as part of a planning application within the City of Melville.

LPP1.11 Canning Highway Precinct Design Guidelines

The policy relates to the assessment of development located on land within one street block of Canning Highway within the City of Melville.

LPP1.12 Child Minding Centres and Family Day Care

The policy contains provisions for the assessment of proposed Child Minding Centres and Family Day Care operations in the City of Melville.

LPP1.13 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

The policy facilitates the development of appropriately located Bed and Breakfast accommodation within the City of Melville.

LPP1.14 Temporary Structures

The policy relates to the use and location of temporary structures such as sea containers and skip bins for construction and/or storage purposes within the City of Melville.

LPP1.15 Market Uses

The policy contains provisions regarding the appropriate location and minimum standards to operate a market in the City of Melville.

LPP1.16 Flood and Security Lighting

The policy contains provisions regarding the installation of outdoor flood and security lighting within the City of Melville.

LPP1.17 Additional Development Exemptions

This policy contains provisions to permit certain development without needing to apply for planning approval within the City of Melville.

LPP1.1 Planning Process & Decision Making

The policy outlines the assessment and advertising processes for planning applications within the City of Melville.

LPP1.2 Architectural and Urban Design Advisory Panel

The policy outlines the process for the establishment and operation of an Architectural and Urban Design Advisory Panel in the City of Melville.

LPP1.3 Waste and Recyclables Collection for Multiple Dwellings Mixed Use Developments and Non-Residential Developments

The policy relates to waste requirements for new and existing multiple dwelling, mixed use and non-residential developments within the City of Melville.

LPP1.4 Provision of Public Art in Development Proposals

The policy contains requirements regarding the provision of public art for developments within the City of Melville.

LPP1.5 Energy Efficiency in Building Design

The policy contains design principles for the construction of energy efficient buildings within the City of Melville.

LPP1.6 Car Parking and Access

This policy relates to car parking for new commercial development and change of use applications within the City of Melville.

LPP1.7 Telecommunications Facilities and Communications Equipment

The policy contains guidance as to which applications for telecommunications and communications development are assessed by the City of Melville.

LPP1.8 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design of Buildings

The policy contains principles to be applied to design against crime for new commercial developments within the City of Melville.

LPP1.9 Height of Buildings

The policy contains the maximum permitted height provisions for development within City of Melville.

LPP2.1 Non-Residential Development

The provisions of this policy apply to all non-residential development within the City of Melville including additions to existing and new development.

LPP2.2 Outdoor Advertising and Signage

The policy regulates advertising signage within the City of Melville.

LPP2.3 Chemists in Medical Centres

This policy applies to proposed chemists within Medical Centres that in specific land use zones of the City of Melville.

LPP3.1 Residential Development

This policy applies to development within the City of Melville including new houses and additions to existing houses such as carports, patios and fences.

LPP3.3 Exhibition Display Homes

The policy contains standards and controls for the development of exhibition/display homes within the City of Melville

LPP3.4 Tennis Courts

The policy contains provisions in relation to the installation and use of tennis courts on residential properties within the City of Melville.

LPP3.5 Home Occupation Relative to Sexual Services Business Policy

The policy relates to Home Occupation or Home Businesses that propose the operation of sexual services in the City of Melville.

LPP4.1 Royal Australian Airforce Association Masterplan

The policy contains the Masterplan for the Royal Australian Airforce Association site in Bull Creek.

LPP4.2 All Saints College Master Plan

The Masterplan guides future development of All Saints College, Bull Creek.

LPP4.3 Heathcote Heritage Precinct Signage Strategy

The policy contains provisions regarding the installation of signage within the Heathcote Heritage Precinct in the City of Melville.

Naming of Roads, Parks, Buildings and Infrastructure - CP-096


Neighbourhood Development - Community Hub Policy - CP-037


Nomination on WALGA Committees - CP-020


Non Monetary Grants Policy Community Partnership Fund - CP-095


Occupational Health and Safety Policy - OP-005


Parking Permit Policy CP-097


Path Policy - CP-033


Physical Activity - CP-028


Procurement of Products or Services - CP-023


Provision of Mayoral Vehicle - CP-083


Public Health Wellbeing Policy - CP-040


Public Relations CP-003

POLICY OBJECTIVE To ensure that information received by the Community accurately reflects the position of the Council and enhances the public image of the City of Melville.

Quality Policy - CP-039

Policy Objective: To provide guidance and direction to all stakeholders of the City of Melville (the City) in respect to the attainment of excellence and quality outcomes through a continuous improvement philosophy underpinned by the implementation of, and adherence to, internationally accredited quality and business excellence standards with the objective of ensuring stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty and community wellbeing. In addition and where practical, the City will integrate the principles of the ISO 9001 Quality Management; ISO 14001 Environmental Management; and the AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Quasi - Judicial Role - CP-052


Question Time at Committee and Council Meetings CP-014


Recognition of Elected Members Services - CP-015


Recording of Meetings - CP-088


Risk Management Policy CP-099


Road Safety Audit Policy - CP-034


School Parking Policy - CP-035


Self Supporting Loans - CP-010

POLICY OBJECTIVE To provide guidelines by which financial assistance by way of selfsupporting loans to non profit clubs or organisations for capital improvement works onto land or buildings owned or vested in the City of Melville will be considered.

Severance Policy - CP-027

This Severance Policy outlines the circumstances and manner of assessment upon which the City of Melville will pay an employee an amount (severance payment) in addition to any amount to which they are entitled under a contract of employment, award, enterprise bargaining agreement or order by a Court or Tribunal. This policy shall not be considered as a contractual entitlement under the employment relationship..

Stakeholder Engagement Policy - CP-002


Street Numbering Policy - CP-068

The policy contains minimum standards in relation to property numbering within the City of Melville.

Street Tree Policy - CP-029

All trees are assets of the City that contribute to the well-being of the community and to the natural environment. The City recognises and values the significance of street trees within the urban setting for the many social, economic and environmental benefits they provide. The City is committed to protecting, maintaining and increasing its street tree population whilst meeting its obligation to provide a safe environment for the community.

Terms of Office - CP-018


Urban Forest and Green Space Policy CP-102


Use of Elected Member Meeting Rooms and Facilities CP-004


Verge Treatment Policy - CP-086


Waste Minimisation - CP-036