Hints on How to Make an Effective Submission

How to make an effective submission or comment as part of a City of Melville Community Consultation.

Make sure your submission:

  • Is concise and clear.
  • Your points are listed according to subject sections and page numbers found in the plan.
  • Says if you agree or disagree with any or all of the objectives or recommendations, giving your reasons and sources of information.
  • Is received before 4.00pm on the closing date.
  • Remember to indicate the strategies and recommendations that you agree with, as well as those with which you disagree. Constructive suggestions are most useful.

Criteria that will be used in assessing your submission:

A. The draft plan will be amended if a submission:

  • Provides additional resource information of direct relevance to management and the scope of the plan.
  • Provides additional information on affected user groups of direct relevance to management.
  • Indicates a change in or clarifies government legislation, management commitment or management policy,
  • Proposes strategies that would better achieve management goals or objectives,
  • Or indicates omission, inaccuracies or a lack of clarity.

B. The draft plan will not be amended if a submission:

  • Clearly supports the draft proposals,
  • Offers a neutral statement or no change is sought,
  • Addresses issues beyond the scope of the plan,
  • Makes points which are already in the plan or were considered during plan preparation,
  • Is one of amongst several widely divergent viewpoints received on the topic and the recommendations of the draft plan is still considered the best option, or
  • Contributes options, which are not feasible.

If the submission is marked confidential then the author will remain anonymous in the published Analysis of public submissions document and will be released with the final management plan. The draft plan will be reviewed in light of the submissions, as per the criteria as listed above.

All Submissions will be summarised according to topics discussed, including an indication of how the plan was amended (or not) in response to the submission.