Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 gives the public a right to apply for access to documents held by the City of Melville providing openness and accountability to the public.

The object of the Act is to:

  • Create a general right of access to State and Local government documents;
  • Provide means to ensure that personal information held is accurate and complete
  • Allow certain documents concerning State and Local government operations be made available to the public.

The Act does not apply to information that is:

  • Available for purchase or free to the public
  • Available for inspection (whether for a fee or charge or not)
  • A State archive
  • Publicly available library material held by agencies for reference purposes
  • Made or acquired by an art gallery, museum or library and preserved for public reference or exhibition purposes

How to Apply

Freedom of Information requests should be made in writing detailing as much information as possible. However, it is preferable to complete an application form to assist in providing details of the information required. Your application will be dealt with as soon as practicable (within 45 days) after it is received.

Freedom of Information Charges

The Application fee of $30.00 for non-personal information must be paid in full. Fees cannot be waived or reduced. Apart from the application fee for non-personal information, all charges are discretionary. Charges can be viewed here.

Initial enquiries regarding the release of information can be made either in person or by telephone on (08) 9364 0613.

Access to personal information relating only to the applicant is available free of charge. If the applicant finds that the information contained in a document is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading, then the person can apply to the City to amend the information.

Please refer to the City’s FOI Information Statement for further information.