Community Wellbeing Survey

Every two years the City of Melville asks the community how they feel about the City as a place to live, work and play in its Community Wellbeing Survey.

The Community Wellbeing Survey is designed to measure and report the progress of the City’s Strategic Community Plan: People, Places, Participation 2012-2022 which informs big picture plans and the annual budget.

The last survey in 2015 was conducted by an external research company and surveyed more than 400 randomly selected residents who gave their opinion on the City and priorities.

The Community Wellbeing Results Summary 2015 is available to download, as well as the Community Wellbeing Presentation of full results.

The overall finding was that 95% of all residents remain happy with the City of Melville as a place to live, with the greatest areas of happiness in the City as a good place to raise a family; grow old; sufficient open spaces for leisure; to walk around the neighbourhood and as an attractive environment to be proud of.

Areas for improvement were identified as opportunities for people to have their say on important decision; councillor representation of community views; knowing one-another in the community and local employment.

Find out more about how the City defines and measures Community Wellbeing.

The next Community Wellbeing Survey is due in 2017.

For copies of past surveys, please contact the City of Melville.